Kaypu Goods is all for quick and deliberate purchases in one app!

There is a barcode scanner, shops, prices, shopping lists, opinions and recommendations of your friends.

• Search for the goods by barcode, tags, title or manufacturer.
• Compare the prices and settle your route to the selected shop.
• Give marks, write reviews and share the links to the goods in social networks.
• Make up shopping lists with your family and friends.

Benefits Kaypu Goods:
• A huge database of the goods
There are more than 25 million items in all categories from food products through cosmetics to medicines, books, computers and appliances.
• Actual prices and reliable description
Manufacturers and shops as well as customers give us information about the goods and prices.
• Routes
The application builds your best route to the shop with the selected goods on Yandex.Maps, GoogleMaps or AppleMaps.
• User rating
Users’ reputation enables to determine which reviews can be relied on.
• Simultaneous lists correction
Make a list and cross out the purchased goods in real time together with your family and friends.
• Wish lists
Tell your friends what you want to get as a gift!
• Comprehensive information on the goods
There is composition, volume, calories, nutritional value of the goods, everything that is important for those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle. There is also information about the author, publisher, circulation of books, specifications of computers, appliances and electronic devices, and other attributes that help you to make a conscious choice.

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